Комментарий Андрея Соловьева, руководителя управления рынков долгового капитала ВТБ Капитал, для Bloomberg

23 Января 2018
VTB Capital Seeks to Expand London Team for Africa Bond Deals

“We are looking to hire for the DCM London desk with a focus on the African market,” Andrey Solovyev, global head of debt capital markets at VTB Capital, said in a telephone interview. “In Africa, where many Western banks left, our DCM expertise in emerging markets may come in useful.”
  • VTB Capital, which was the leading manager of Eurobond sales out of Russia last year, also continues to develop its activity in the Chinese market where it has four deals in the pipeline, Solovyev said without elaborating
  • Solovyev expects good balance of Russian and international investors in the upcoming sale of Russian sovereign Eurobond
  • “With the Russian sovereign Eurobond placement in 2018, we may see more Russian accounts, as the repatriation of finances may be a stimulus for them to invest in the paper,” he said 

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